Vintage Rules!
Discover the beauty of weathered materials -  Vintage rules!

Bright open spaces, raw brick walls, tall windows and a cool cement floor. This can only be found in a downtown loft!  Factory halls and old warehouses are now transformed into atmospheric open living spaces where life is wonderful.

This industrial charm is also applicable to your interior!  The cool patterned wallpaper showing rusty metal plates, weathered panel doors or historic buildings quickly provides your interior with a rugged look.

Vintage rules! wallpaper with patterns of raw materials are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Wallpaper with patterns of old vintage suitcases, weathered books and sturdy rope create a warmer look and feel within the industrial interior. There is also a unique wallpaper with mathematical formulas chalked on blackboard, perfect for the real whiz kids among us.

The colour palette of Vintage rules! with its matt black, dark grey, reddish browns and grey concrete colours is tough and spicy; the bright turquoise and beautiful greens provide a fresh dimension.