Ulf Moritz

IMAGINATION by Ulf Moritz is a medley of exceptional wallcoverings:

  • The basalt yarn which makes the wallcoverings appear valuable and heavy, is made out of molten basalt rock. The colours are up to date: emerald, azure, ruby, copper and ivory.
  • Another material which no one would associate with wallcoverings is Mica, or glimmer slate. These fine rock chips are applied in a stripe design to the wallcovering, and clad by a cystral clear foil.
  • Dots and circles are a recurring theme. For example, they are featured as symmetrically arranged, slightly elevated dots or as circles in various rainbow colours arranged in tri-coloured rings.

  • A highlight of the collection is the starry sky wallcovering, which can be applied to the ceiling as well. This digital print is supplemented and enhanced by randomly applied crystals.