“Trianon” was a hamlet close to Versailles, purchased by Louis XIV, who requested to build a private château there: “Le Grand Trianon”. It was a retreat for the king, his maîtresse and guests, who held parties and took light meals in Le Trianon, without the strict étiquette of the court.

The classic designs popular in Europe in the 17th/18th century are re-created in this jacquard woven wallcovering collection of Omexco. Damasks, floral and vegetal motifs, intertwined designs and stripes remind of a glorious past, in a contemporary interpretation.

Thanks to sophisticated weaving techniques, subtle multicoloured shades appear in gold/royal blue, champagne/pearl grey, snow white/cream, chalk white/grey, burgundy red/purple, Trianon-grey and Marie-Antoinette blue.


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