In the musical meaning of the word, a ‘toccata’ empowers the performer to display musical skills. Toccata features a light fingered virtuosic passage which has its origin in the early modern period.

‘Toccare’ in Italian means ‘to touch’, which is exactly what you will wish to do each time you look at the precious designs, printed in an inviting, soft flock-technique.

The designs names are of genres of music or dance. In ‘Toccata’, you will find the beats in the fine lines of ‘Jive’, the greatness of the ‘Solo’, the rhythmic groove of the ‘Swing’ and the splendour of a ‘Tango’.

The designs have in common their sophisticated and luxurious look, through the use of exciting new combinations of different printing techniques.

The metallic trend colours can all be found in this book: copper glow, Inca gold and silver light, oxidised steels and tarnished irons. These fashionable tones team up with all-time favourites as an airy white, ribbon beige, onyx black, desert sand and clay stone. The result is a wide variety of fashionable colours, trendy yet lasting.