By its charm and elegant refinement, the collection 'Allure' seduces at first sight.

The inspiration for the designs is classic, but the colour scheme and the (over-)size of some patterns confer a surprisingly temporary look to the textile wallcoverings.

Damasks in different interpretations, whirling curls, stripes, a silky plain and a metallic all-over effect are declined in shades of cream, beige, amber, anthracite, dark olive, scarlet, nutmeg, frosty white, mauve, bronze, pearl.  Some patterns are enhanced by gold and silver, embossed on the textile yarns.

The combination of printing and embossing techniques, as well as the use of matt printing colours, silky yarns, sparkling metallic effects result in the wonderful light reflections and delicate trompe-l'oeil-effects.


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