Akoya pearls are cultured pearls produced mainly in Japan and China, and renowned and appreciated for their lustre.  “Akoya” is a “pearl” amongst natural wallcoverings.

Three variations on “sisal fibres”: a plain sisal in its pure state, in natural colours; a more “openwork” weave, showing the shiny metallic colours used for the printing of the backing; a plain sisal with a classic floral design, applied on the wallcovering by the embossing of gold leaves (white or yellow gold).

A jute (hessian) wallcovering with a satin finish, in single or dual colours, occasionally enhanced with the addition of a sparkling thread.

Two types of mica: vermiculite, with a rather rough structure, and natural mica shells.

The theme throughout this collection is the semi-brilliant aspect, the pearly lustre created either by the product itself or by the printing techniques.

The colours vary from natural shades (pearl, linen, straw, tobacco, cream), to trendy bold colours (fuchsia, purple, violet, acid green), alternated by reflections of gold, bronze and copper.


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